When it feels wrong

When it feels wrong, it probably is

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation in the workplace? Has someone’s hand ever “accidentally” and conveniently landed where it shouldn’t have? Has your boss ever belittled you to the point where you don’t feel like you’re even good enough to remain in your current position, let alone reach new levels of growth? Guess what? You are not alone. The scariest part of all of this is not seeing it coming, especially when it's someone of the same gender identity.

Over the past 5 years, I have been in countless situations reaching well beyond the former, but knowing my worth and knowing how to handle it has helped persevere through it all. If you have ever encountered workplace mistreatment, this is for you.

The next few days I’m going to expose incredibly inappropriate situations that I’ve been put in while on the clock and I’m going to tell you how I got out of them. Hopefully this can help you get out too.

MONEY is something that is frequently held over our heads, whether it be by family (and yes, it’s not just you this happens to), your employer, or someone who “helped you out” one time and won’t let you forget it. In the workplace, money is what drives us. When you’re involved in politics, it drives you even more because everything you do relies on it. When work and politics get intertwined, it’s a fiasco.

Working in the political scene exposes you to all walks of life. You meet people who will write a check and walk away, people who aren’t of wealth but will give countless hours of their time to fight for what they believe, and then you have the ‘boss.’ Political bosses have the money, the time, and they have power. Political bosses can use all three of those things against you without blinking and eye and sometimes, they will slight you without you even knowing it.

It’s incredibly easy to fall into a rhythm of glamorous parties and ‘free’ dinners but how free are they, really? Expectations grow, self-worth seems to drop, and loneliness creeps up. You are being used.

And I was being used.

The political scene is not the only place this comes into play, it’s just my personal experience. It drove me to a terribly dark place, but I got out of it. I could see what was happening. When I tried to get out, threats flew. Scare tactics were enabled. You know what? I was fine. Nothing happened. I realized my self-worth and saw what was unfolding and recognized that I was better than it all. You can too. You may feel trapped in a situation where money and fancy things seem too precious to risk losing, but at the cost of your sanity and self-worth, money proves useless.

Walk away and know that you are smart enough to be on your own. Walk away and set your mind free. Walk. Away.

Written by: Lauren

Posted by: Dana Dewedoff-Carney


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