Career Clothing Donations

Not all women can afford proper interview attire. They likely suffer from low-self esteem and often face difficulties in getting out of unemployment due to their lack of confidence. RISE Works is a service to help women look professional and feel confident for their upcoming job interview.


RISE offers exclusive workshops throughout the year. There will be something for every woman. We are currently partnering with community organizations and motivational speakers, authors, medical providers, experts in: legal, financial, and the beauty field in order to offer something for every woman! Here are the type of classes you can expect from RISE. Time Management, Self-Love, Empowerment, Skill-Advancement, Dance, Beauty and Fashion, Domestic Violence, Respect In The Workplace, Social Media Etiquette, Sexual Health, and more.


Health and wellness

With programs exclusive to RISE and working together with community organizations that share our values and goals, we work to offer services and connections to professionals in nutrition, mental health, and the physical well-being arena.

Beauty and Fashion

Look your best with our beauty tips, fashion and hair styling ideas, and make-up how-tos. Check our Facebook page for weekly video tutorials and our calendar for upcoming classes!