Women need to come together. Support each other. Lift each other up.

RISE together.


Our movement

When we come together, we achieve.

It's a powerful thing, when women come together. RISE For Women calls for all women to come together. To be one. To build each other up. To support each other. To help each other grow. Because ALL women are capable. And if we support women, and help them thrive to their full potential in life, we all do better. Together, we RISE.


access to opportunities and resources

RISE For Women is a platform designed to connect all women with the tools needed to thrive in society. The need for what we have to offer has never been greater. RISE is a safe-place for all women. Our initial programs were developed to help women discover their self-worth. To develop: Life Skills, Career and Livelihood skills, and Social Skills. RISE For Women expanded the number of programs offered in an effort to connect with all women in need. We are excited to have partnered with other professional women and community based organizations to offer services and recommendations in: Career Counseling, Career clothing-donations, Anti-Bullying, Self-love, Respect In The Workplace, Health and Wellness, and Beauty and Fashion.




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