Struggle Does Not

Have A Look



The Mission of RISE For Women is to empower all women. Because we believe in women. We stand with them. We want them to succeed. RISE For Women is dedicated to helping women thrive to their full potential in life by providing them with the tools they need to work their way up. To build. To grow. To RISE.



We stand together. With a strong sense of oneness and solidarity, with women throughout the State, RISE envisions a State in which all women are empowered and uplifted. But this is only the beginning. Imagine a world in which women come together and help each other thrive, survive, and RISE. We at RISE and its members, have come up with an effective way that fosters hopefulness for the future, instills a vision of what can be, and draws in other women forward in a positive, empowering way. To provide the resources as a platform, to guide all women in directions to help them possess the tools needed to provide a better life for themselves and their families. The tools that will ultimately lift them up with hope, self-esteem, and the ability to make a difference in their lives.


Engage in mutually empowering two-way communication with women.


Demonstrate the highest integrity and mutual respect in all that we do, living up to the trust that others have placed in RISE.


Work within a bipartisan environment that reflects a willingness to be open to another's perspective and reality. To help all women.


Connect women with the resources they need to thrive. A diverse community of members, partnerships, and programs.


“I believe women need a support system, a safe haven, if you will, filled with resources as a platform to help them thrive."

Dana Dewedoff-Carney  |  Founder



Founded in 2016, by Dana Dewedoff, a Southern New Jersey Native and Former single mother of three.

In August of 2016, Dana spent a lot of time on the road, commuting between North and South Jersey for work. During this time, she was experiencing a lot of negativity in her life both professionally and personally. She was a 27 year old divorced single mother, had never been a corporate professional before-and "challenging" would be an understatement to describe the hurricane that was bellowing in her. She struggled to navigate through her new identities each day, and it always seemed life wasn't through drizzling on her. She closed down her own photography business to commit to her new corporate career, sacrificed time away from her children in order to prove herself professionally so that she could support the life she wanted for her family, and filled up all of her free time with keeping busy in an effort to cover up the emotional turmoil she was experiencing day to day between her post-divorce co-parenting issues and work environment. For a few months she did not have health insurance, she was late on bills more than once, had an old revealing photograph of her circulate around, surrounded herself around negative people, put quite a few parking tickets on a tab, lived in the fear of being baited and recorded every single day, and was embarrassed time and time again. And it was during the month of August 2016, that Dana realized something in her life needed to change. She needed to rediscover her inner power. To stop acting for other people. To no longer let others get the best of her. To live as her true authentic self. To honor who she was, again.  In her own words,


"When I first heard the song Rise-by Katy Perry, it immediately spoke to me. I was reminded that I had been through so much; I had been to hell and back, but I had always found a way to get back up again. And RISE. The lyrics empowered me. I felt stronger each time I listened to it; I realized I was a powerful woman. I just needed to believe in myself again. So that's what I did. I stood back up, and knew that the song 'RISE' would be my inspiration. The song of motivation. The song that changed the way I looked at myself. The way I felt about myself. The song that prompt me to want to be the change. The voice. I did not just want to survive. I wanted to thrive. And stand up for myself. But I knew there was something bigger that I wanted to do. I wanted other women who were down and out, or the women who looked seemingly perfect on the outside but in private were suffering emotionally, physically, and financially, like I was, to RISE up off the ground. And on August 17, 2016, I hash tagged the words #riseforwomen along with the lyrics to 'Rise' on an Instagram post. In the photograph, I stood tall, in Jersey City, with a smile on my face. I felt liberated. It was on that day, that I truly felt my inner calling was to take a big step and help other women rise to their full potential in life. Because for days leading up to that moment, I began to believe in my own potential. I knew that one day #riseforwomen would be something. And with the help of an incredible support system of women who had my back, RISE is now here "

Dana met her now husband, Joe, shortly before launching RISE FOR WOMEN. She is no longer in a corporate setting; her photography business was relaunched and she remains dedicated to helping women share and express their own personal truth in writing, video, or photography. RISE FOR WOMEN has become a platform for Awareness Campaigns based on true events and struggles women face every day. #StruggleDoesNotHaveALook is the hashtag Dana came up with in 2017 and is the inspiration behind many of the projects she works on. Her most recent campaign, Project Benjamin #TheyMatterToo in honor of her son she and Joe lost due to miscarriage in June of 2018, garnered national attention. She wanted to help break the stigma associated with pregnancy and infant loss by helping other women speak up publicly about their losses, to recognize the babies they lost. Because they matter too.